Las vegas trade show displays
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Most common mistakes made in preparation for trade shows  

In most cases when an exhibitor decides to attend a certain trade show they tend not to set exhibit goals.  Goals are the main focal point at trade shows. You have to know exactly what you wish to get out of each and every trade show you attend. An overall theme should be set to match your corporate image and goal. Your trade show display, product display and literature should reflect this same theme, 

Graphic production and ideas should be also a focal point in accomplishing your exhibit goal. Leaving graphics for the last minute, can spell disaster as well as major rush changes.  Graphics should be in production at least 4 weeks ahead of the event. Never leave graphic for the last minute. Having 4 weeks in advance can allow for changes and adjustment which may have to be done  

It is always bad habit for exhibit not to read and go through there exhibitors manual carefully. Most of the time there are discount deadline which can provide the exhibitor with great deal of savings.  Special dates are set for each deadline date; taking advantage of these dates can provide you with a great deal of savings as well as last minute hassle. Floor prices for services are usually 15-20% higher. Save the head ach and money   read your exhibitors manual  

The last and final mistake exhibitor make is not properly staffing there booth. This can be a very confusing thing for some exhibitor but yet it’s the most important.   Your main goal should be to get qualified leads which can eventually lead to sales. Your staff should be on some sort of schedule to man the booth.  Your staff should be great representative of your company and should be well educated about your product or services. They not only should be able to provide information but there should be process to close the deal on the spot if possible. Train your staff ahead of time. They should also be familiar which your entire trade show display booth.