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How To Establish Corporate Branding at Trade Shows

Using pictures or image that relates to what your company do can make branding much easier. Pictures sticks in one in much longer and faster than words. We respond to pictures quicker than a word, that’s why we use symbols on the freeway to give directions. One company that stands out at this is Marlboro They use a picture of a cowboy on a horse, anytime you see this image you think of Marlboro. This kind of branding is done by contantly repeating the same image time and time againSales force at trade shows should wear similar outfits. They should have name tags with the company logo on them. If one of your sales forces is not in the trade show booth he or she serves as a working billboard for you. Many times in communication with existing client ask them what they think of your product, ask them if you can quote them on their answer. Use this on your website or in your brochures.

Give away brochures at your trade show display booth, and have enough to last thought-out the show. Renewing the look on your brochure from year to year is important. Do not wait to use up your inventory of old brochure to change the look. It’s important to look fresh and new at each and every event. Remember to keep the same tag line as well as logo. Visitor likes to get new material each and every time they visit you. The same should be done for your website

Sticking to what you do and do best help brand your company. McDonald’s serves fast foods, when you think of McDonalds you think of Hamburger not hotdogs. Stick to what you know best and create your brand around that.

Sticking a good tag line is very important in branding. Nike came up with the term “Just Do It” Burger King “you can have it your way” These mean different things and it gives a good insight about your company. You want to say something about your company, something unique that’s separates you from your competition. Be creative with this.

Most client come to us for their trade show booth wanting something unique and different from their competition. We ultimately allow then to talk about their company, one of the main things we try to get out of them what makes you different from your competitors. The answer they give will give us a direction to begin their booth design We then use this answer to begin our design process. Branding starts within your special services and the character of you company, then it spreads.